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Branding and brand roles have evolved significantly over the years. At its core, branding has always served the same purpose: to differentiate services or goods from competitors. It’s a way to communicate unique value at a glance by using distinct visuals.

Over time, brand visuals evolved. Now, they convey intangible values and more profound emotions, such as exclusivity, hominess, and luxury. Today, consumers buy “brands” because they can relate to what it stands for rather than for quality or affordability.

The brand role has evolved far beyond its original purpose. A generic approach used to be enough, but the demand for personalisation and catered experiences have changed the way businesses and marketers approach branding and marketing.

The Personalised Advisor is the logical next step in this evolutionary process.

What Is The Personalised Advisor Brand Role?

The “Personalised Advisor” brand role is a unique concept developed by Vukawanele. It’s an answer to a growing demand for expert advice and guidance on a personalised level. It’s a mantle almost any business needs to take on, whether you’re in the B2B or B2C industry.

According to the statistics:

  • 76% of customers expect business and brands to understand their needs and expectations.
  • 70% say that a connected process with contextualised and personalised engagement is essential to gaining (and keeping) their business.
  • 94% of customers and marketing professionals across industries consider personalised experiences as “important,” “very important,” or “extremely important.”
Personalised advisor brand role statistics showing what customers expect from brands and businesses

Brands now have to prove that they have their customers’ best interests in mind. Unfortunately, approximately 50% of customers don’t have faith that businesses will meet their expectations. It’s a matter of trust, and that’s where the Personalised Advisor brand role stands out.

The Personalised Advisor:

  • Is always the expert advisor, but never egocentric or arrogant in their advice.
  • Provides guidance but accepts input and feedback from clients.
  • Understands and anticipates the needs of its clients.
  • Provides a personalised experience catered to those needs.
  • Prioritises the needs and best interests of the client.

The Personalised Advisor brand role is a meeting between the growing demand for personalisation from both B2B and B2C clients and the need for expert guidance regarding services and goods.

Why Is There A Need For The Personalised Advisor?

As we explained above, the evolving market and recent events resulted in an interesting shift in how potential clients view brands, and what they expect from them.

Corporate clients and general consumers want an expert to tell them what they want and when they want it. Agencies, brands, and business need to be prepared to take the lead. They should give clients a knowledgeable and personalised experience.

It’s important to remember that most potential clients know that they need your services. However, they don’t always fully understand your industry or service offering. You know your industry, services, and goods. You’re the expert, and that’s why they’ve turned to you. By personalising your advice and services, you showcase your expertise and the full range of your capabilities.

Black lady makes a presentation to a marketing team being a personalised advisor
The Personalised Advisor needs to guide businesses and marketing teams, and enable them to become advisors to their own clients as well.

The Personalised Advisor in Branding and Marketing

The role of a Personalised Advisor was born from a combination of elements:

  • Our experience in the marketing industry;
  • An evaluation of current client audiences; and
  • An understanding of business needs and branding.

The combination of these factors highlighted the need for a new personalised approach to marketing.

A marketing agency can no longer be a reactionary service with a generic approach to advising their clients. Instead, they have to guide businesses with advice that’s uniquely suited to their brand and audience.

Marketers also need to help businesses assume the role of Personalised Advisor to their own clients. Therefore it isn’t only an advisory but also a teaching role. Working with an agency that understands this concept means that companies don’t only develop compelling brands. Instead, they also learn how to provide quality services and personalised experiences to clients.

At Vukawanele, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand and relate to both our clients and their customers. As Personalised Advisors, we don’t just guide companies on their marketing journey. We also help them learn how to provide a similar experience to their customers.

Evolve Your Brand Role

It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in, or who your clients are. Whether you’re selling to businesses or to consumers, you need to to give advice on any topic related to your industry. Forward-looking brands will become advisors to their clients rather than being reactionary sellers. It’s also vital to partner with a marketing agency that understands how to be a personalised advisor to your business and how to help you take on and fulfil that role for your clients.

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