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This article delves into the power of video and its new “IT” Marketing tool of the year status as the crowds go crazy over it.

According to GWI’s Report on Social video marketing, YouTube saw a significant increase in views – between 20 to 30%. 56% of consumers watch more videos on social every month, meaning engagement is at an all-time high. According to data, video consumers are watching more than just cat videos and comedy skits.

4 in 10 internet users use social media to inform their buying habits, with some consumers following brands they like and consider buying from. Another 35% have watched videos made by brands. 70% of eCommerce brands are looking to increase their video marketing budget post-pandemic. If you are one of them and are questioning where you’ll get the most bang for your buck, read further to see the trends in video marketing expected to take 2022 by storm. 

Social Media Video Advertising

Innovative Video Marketing Trends for 2022: Social Media Video Advertising

Advertising your videos on social media has become very necessary in 2022 to ensure that your message does not get lost in the constant deluge of content that makes us social media. Above that, the video also encourages users to follow brands on the site and discover new products. It makes sense to invest in social media video advertising, especially if you have a smaller organic audience. 

Creativity is key to success in social media video media advertising, use both formats and tell engaging stories – each has its unique benefits. Currently, vertical video is the trending format for social media ads. Still, it’s always a good idea to make your videos as responsive as possible, i.e., offer both horizontal and vertical capabilities. 

Shoppable Videos

Innovative Video Marketing Trends for 2022: Shoppable Videos

The internet has become the go-to place for consumers looking for products and services. They use various means to get information about their needs; they no longer just rely on Google and utilize social media channels to search for recommendations and reviews from friends and social influencers. eCommerce channels aware of this phenomenon use shopping videos to attract and convert viewers. Unlike traditional product videos, shoppable videos are sometimes disguised as regular videos with clickable pop-up text linking to the brand website page where the clothes or household items found in the video are for sale, and a consumer can purchase. Instagram and Facebook have introduced their type of shoppable video content, especially when it comes to their advertising platform. 

Shoppable videos have seen an increase recently in the brand marketing arsenal. It is estimated that 40% of marketers are already using them. You can utilize best practices to get the most out of your shoppable videos. Firstly, don’t treat them as ads, but instead take the same creative approach you’d use on other content you create. Provide value to your audience and touch on topics that they care about. Regardless of what you promote in your video, you shouldn’t overload it with links. That will most likely detract from the user/viewer’s experience, ultimately detrimental.

Live Video Streaming

Innovative Video Marketing Trends for 2022: Live Video Streaming

The advent of the internet has meant that consumers are looking for more from brands. Connection. Authenticity. Intimacy. These are just some things that the “new” consumer demands from brands. So, become more personable and ditch the sales talk and corporate jargon, for more human and relatable video content. Show your humanness and connect with potential customers on a personal level. Since you can’t be face-to-face with everyone all the time, the next best thing is to go live.

Live streaming is growing around the world. A lot of this is happening across social platforms. Facebook gets the lion’s share of live video views, followed by Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.

What exactly is happening on these platforms? Here’s a little peek:

  • On Twitter, users are also seeing a 14% increase in unique visitors during live events
  • And even LinkedIn’s getting some action on the live front, with 69% of its members watching the same or more live content than even before the pandemic.
  • Instagram witnessed an astounding 70% boost in live video usage within a month after the pandemic hit. 

What can we say – people need people, even if the interactions are virtual. With real-time video, brands have an opportunity to connect directly with their audience and grow their presence. You can use video streaming to tell brand stories, host live Q&As, and showcase the lives of the folks behind your brand.

Video marketing is becoming a go-to for marketers for one reason: They work. If you’re looking to get better results from your video marketing strategy over the next year, it’s time to put these video trends to use.

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