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Heritage Month South Africa

Every year in September, South Africans band together to celebrate our diverse culture and heritage. Heritage Month reminds us that we are a united nation with a shared national identity, and we proudly celebrate and remember the history passed down to us. One of the ways we remember our history is through art and design.

The Rainbow Nation: How We Express Our Heritage Through Colour and Design

South Africa is a colourful nation, home to many different people, and we use art, design, and clothing to express our beautiful heritage. We also use digital media to share these works with the world, telling our story through the works of local artists.

Heritage Month, Artists, Social Media, and Digital Expression

Digital platforms like social media and websites are some of the ways local artists showcase their art and celebrate Heritage Month. However, many also use these as platforms to highlight social issues and give a voice to South Africans through creative expression.

Tracey Rose is one such artist. Born in Durban, Tracey is hailed for using her art to address many serious topics, including racial and gender issues. Her performance art is widely acclaimed, and Tracey uses YouTube to show these visual performances to the world.

Mohau Mdisakeng is another up-and-coming award-winning artist. He uses Instagram and his website to show his photos, sculptures, and performance art, exploring South Africa’s cultural, political, and social history.

Heritage Month - Unity by Nardstar
Credit: Unity by Nardstar*

Finally, there is Nardstar*. As a highly acclaimed and sought-after artist, she creates beautiful murals and art filled with colour, bold shapes, and hidden meanings. Her work is broadcast across social media, including Instagram, Facebook, and her website. Each artwork is birthed from her heritage and family history, celebrating her culture and drawing attention to the history of our country.

These are just some of our many amazing South African artists. Each one harnesses digital platforms to spread their art and messages, celebrating their heritage in unique ways for the world to see.

Giving a Voice to South Africa

We’ve worked with many proudly South African companies and organisations, including The Trevor Noah Foundation, BOATech, EKS Vehicle Tracking, and Idwala Property Group. We’ve also been honoured to speak with and feature an amazing local artist, Themba Mkhangeli, who uses his art to celebrate everything African, from the people to nature. Using social media and digital sources such as art sites, Themba spreads his art – and its messages – to the world.

Source: Themba Mkhangeli – Vukawanele Local Artist Competition

Vukawanele is honoured to be part of this process, giving South African individuals and brands a voice. Through our digital solutions, which include web design, social media management, and marketing, we not only help organisations grow but give them a digital voice.

We understand our shared history as a proudly South African business, facilitating communications between companies and consumers through digital media.


Heritage Month is an important time for all South Africans as we look back and celebrate our colourful and diverse history. However, it’s also a good time to look at how events have shaped us and our futures. Through digital expression, we celebrate who we are as a nation. Through social media, we spread our voices and messages, whether we do so as people, artists, or businesses.

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