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A Covid-19-Friendly Digitised Solution

SANRAL is a South African parastatal responsible for managing, maintaining, and developing South Africa's National Road network.

Client: SANRAL

Initiation Year: 2020

Services: USSD, web service, database development.

The Problem:

The client had a challenge where their countrywide physical stakeholder relation engagements had to adhere to covid19 safety protocol to continue running. They needed a digitised solution for the market that would be efficient yet inclusive since the sessions were mainly in rural and peri-urban communities with limited connectivity and smartphones.

Our Solution:

Vukawanele developed a comprehensive digital stakeholder engagement solution in response to this challenge. We provided a reverse-billed contactless registration, covid19 screening and feedback survey platform. Moreover, we extracted data that provided insights for future stakeholder relations initiatives through this market research.

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